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How your GPS can help you to catch more trout.

Posted on June 07 2018

In mid May when the water was too high to wade and the bugs hadn't really gotten going, I said we'd probably get an extended heat wave and it would all be over in a couple of weeks.  I'm wrong a lot but seldom  does my being wrong make me so happy.  This weeks cool, cloudy weather has slowed the bug activity so much that we actually have Hendricksons and Green Drakes (plus all of the other mayflies) hatching at the same time.

The fishing is out of sight -  if you have the good fortune to be in the right places at the right times.  Spinners are the safest play as there is sure to be one or more of the mayflies doing their dance over the rifles most every night.  If you're looking for a good spinner fall drive along the roads closest to the stream about 7:00 pm and look for spinners doing their dance over the the road.  When you find them fish the closest water.

There are summer sulfurs competing with Hendricksons for playing time in the coldest parts of both branches while drakes, march browns, gray foxes, spring sulfurs, olives and isos are hatching and mating in the warmer parts of the system.

Tonight I was on the big river and had hooked fish on a grey fox dun until, as often happens, the rise forms changed and the fish started sipping sulfur spinners (I looked - that was what was all over the water).  My sulfur spinners? In the little box I took out to fit the drake box in my vest. It was as if my gray fox wasn't there - not a sniff.  Finally changed to a rusty spinner and the lights came on again.

If you don't go you'll miss the show.  If you come down, fish where they aren't (both the boats and wade fishermen).  The bugs hatch everywhere and the fish are there to eat'em.  This is perhaps the busiest week of the year and I had two pontoon boats  and one drift boat go by me in five days.  In the entire week I shared one pool with a fisherman (who came up the shore, said "I won't bother you" and proceeded to throw at the two fish I was fishing too, (we had words).  Despite fishing where no one else wanted to - it was my best week of the year.


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