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Humble pie on the menu!

Posted on June 21 2016

After two weeks of very good fishing it was bound to happen. Drove down to the river after lunch, arriving at two-forty five to find almost no one in the river. Donned gear and got fishing.  At three there were no bugs or risers.  The bugs did come, a modest hatch of big sulfurs, cahills, isos, olives and a few caddis.  The summer sulfurs?  no where to be seen.  The fish, if you looked closely were eating - on top - but boy you had to look close.

There were half a dozen good fish working and I was able to more from one to another for over two hours.  They were eating duns off the surface and each one looked at my fly on several occasions, sometimes with an open mouth - I never hooked any of them.

Left at five and drove to the camp,  unpacked, put the food in the fridge and set out again around seven.  With no trailers at Stockport and only three at Shehawken it was a good time to fish the lower river.  Started at a spot above town where there was a nice mix of bugs on the water and no other fishermen.  There were also no fish up. Left after an hour and went down river.

 Fished a big flat water pool which usually has good evening fishing. Had the pool to myself (even the bugs failed to show up).  In an hour and a half of fishing, two fish rose within casting range.  The first one ate a cahill and I let  him keep it as a token of my appreciation. The second also ate my fly  and came unstuck after three or four quick jumps.

Humble pie is always on the menu when fishing the Delaware River. Today I had two big slices.


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