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Posted on May 17 2016

Woke up to snow on the roof - temp thirty one - winds at twenty gusting to thirty and a rising barometer.  I like fly-fishing as much as much as anyone else but even I could see that this was a day to look for better things to do.  A dentist appointment and eye exam were already scheduled.  I added a hair cut, car wash, oil change and a
stop at the Troutfitter to pick up some CDC and a new Amadou patch.

I was done at 1:30. With the wind still howling I headed for the camp in hopes of getting the lawn cut.  Finished the job at 5:30 and noticed that the wind had quieted down a bit.

What was a person supposed to do? I put on my waders and three shirts and went fishing.  There were sulfurs on the water with a few fish rising between wind gusts.  By 6:30 the wind had died. Unfortunately so had the sulfur hatch.  Walked about half mile along the river and found enough fish eating blown over sulfurs to hook and
land five nice fish - which was exactly five more fish than I ever expected to land today.

The big bugs are happening  and will be happening for the next couple of weeks. Plan on being here now - it's your best chance of the year to get into big fish.


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