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Posted on June 09 2017

With the drakes a good ten days behind schedule and sure to be hatching, I decided to head back to the river and try to find a place to fish.  When I got to the camp I turned on the computer and learned that the releases had been increased (WB - 1000 cfs, EB - 300 cfs).  While this is good news if you are concerned with the summer sulfurs blowing out in June due to the warn water temps created by the spill water, it was not good news for any one trying to wade anywhere in the river system today.
Add bright sun and a stiff breeze to the high water and one might wonder about the sanity of anyone trying to wade fish the river.

With my sanity in question I tried the conservative approach and threw an iso around on the BK for a half hour.  After all it was down under 1,000 cfs and running clear.  The only bug I saw was mine.  Never saw a fish rise.  End of story.

Drove up the UEB, first car I saw was at Long Flat, another one was at Power Line.  The traffic jam was at Shinhopple where trailers were being parked and boats being launched. With the water around 1,500 cfs no one was wading, everybody was floating.

With no fish rising and a but few drakes hatching, I decided on a spot where an island divided the current and I could at least wade more safely.  The first fish didn't feed until their part of the river was in shade.  As the areas of shade increased so did the number of bugs, risers and  boats. It was at least 7;00 when I hooked my first fish.  From then until dark  ( the clock in the car said 9:35 when I got back) I was into fish.

If you have free time this weekend, a good wading staff  and enjoy a challenge come down and fish. The fish are feeding, the bugs are hatching and the rest is up to you.  Just know that I'll be on the water soaking my elbows and fly boxes.

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  • Fred Zaiko: June 10, 2017

    Nice report, can’t wait top fish there!

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