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I let time go lightly - on the river.

Posted on August 24 2018

It has been 6 days since I've fished and 18 days since I made a cast in the Delaware. Drove down to mow the lawn and "take a look".  Saw two boats anchored below the 17 bridge in Deposit  so I exited  17 and drove into town.  Stopped to chat with Lloyd Hornbeck who said he had not heard of any wash overs being caught since the spills began.  Drove down along the river and saw bugs (some) hatching. Saw a fish rise along the bank of the island just below the 17 bridge.

Crossed the Hale Eddy bridge and saw 4 drift boats.  Picked one of the wider places in the river, donned gear and waded (carefully) out.  If you look at prior posts, you will see where I said that if/when the water ever comes down the fish will be easier to catch.  Well, no one told that to the fish.  Had five refusals (three by one fish) before one in the back row ate my fly.

 With the water over 2,000 CFS every fish you hook is an adventure.  The fish today were no exception.  Two year olds (now 14 inches) jumped and ran all over in the high water.  Several yearlings ( now 9 to 11 inches) also gave a good account of themselves.  The fish of the day, a 19 inch brown, ate my fly tight to the bank and moved swiftly out into the heavy current  where he was able to put maximum pressure on the 6x tippet.  It wasn't so much an exciting fight as it was one that required patience.  Every time I got him back along the bank he would make a run out into the current.  Finally got his nose out of the water and slid him into the net.  The chance to catch fish like that every trip is  why I fish the Delaware instead of the South Holston.  That said, my friend Mark landed a dandy 18 1/2  inch brown when we were fishing the So Ho  last Saturday.  They are there, it's just that they are more of a "once in a season" occurrence.

There are at least some bugs on the Delaware, fish are looking up, the wading is dicey, but I'm back on the river again!

When the river flow reaches your comfort level come join me.  If you've got a boat your time is now.


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