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I saw the full moon a rising.

Posted on August 14 2019

Did a split day again today. With the August nights getting longer the rivers have a longer time to cool off and the morning fishing opportunities are increasing. The Sulfur Zone offers the only real opportunity for fishing to rising fish during the mid day. When the sun goes behind the hills things pick up again and there are feeding fish to be fished to wherever water temps are below 70.

Today I was able to fish the BR both morning and night. The morning fishing was all blind casting. Never saw a bug hatch or a fish rise except to my flies. Rose five fish, three ate and stayed stuck. All nice 17 and 18 inch rainbows.

About 6:00 I tried the upper gamelands. There were no bugs or risers until the sun went behind the trees. Saw two large olives on the water and a few Stenos in the air. Risers were one and dones (due to lack of bugs). Caught one 12 inch brown and a couple of yearlings.

Thinking it was about seven, I decided to leave and try junction pool. Got to the car at 7:49 and Junction Pool parking lot at 8:07. Three anglers down river and one in sight above. I went up (a second angler was around the bend). There was plenty of room between them and I stood on the edge of the cold water looking for rises. Both anglers had rising fish, I had none - until the tiny spinners fell. In the near dark, facing the western sky, there were fish everywhere. Some so close I had to back up to cast. They ate. It was one of those frenetic fifteen minutes with fish happy to eat your fly, hooked fish not willing to be netted, netted fish not willing to be unhooked, a fly hooked in the net, a need to change to a fly you could see and finally, a 19 inch brown that ended the night by engulfing a brand new iso on the first cast.


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