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If a trout rises in the stream and no one is there - - - -???

Posted on August 02 2021

 Got up at 4:00 to watch the USWNST  lose to Canada 1- 0 on a penalty kick, won't do that again. Had breakfast and drove down to the fishing camp.  Despite the early arrival I didn't head out to fish until 1:30. Went east with the intention of checking rocks along the shore of pools for iso husks.  If the isos are there so are the fish.  Unfortunately it had rained, the water came up and the iso husks were gone.  Pool hopped from just above Jaws all the way to Cemetery.  In the high water the past two weeks there were isos hatching and fish feeding in every pool. Today with the water down to 300 cfs (which is a good fishing level), there were no bugs of any kind (it was too early in the day for isos to be hatching) and no fish rising. Caught half a dozen yearling fish (none over 10 inches), all wild and evenly split between browns and rainbows. The first isos were starting to hatch as I was walking out of the last pool. Bright sunny days in midsummer are not the time to fish the BK.  Cut my losses and headed for the WB.

Arrived in Deposit at 4:30 to find the river deserted, I mean there was no one.  In four hours of fishing one boat went by.  Never saw a wade fisherman on the river. Obviously I was there too late for the mid day hatch and too early for the late hatch. Poor me. Got to fish two of the "A" pools all by my self for four hours.

The fishing - The last three weeks have been, for me, the poorest of the season. Nine inches of rain turns our world upside down. Good fishing on the BK in July?  Never. Today it was back to normal, a good sulfur hatch and rising fish in the "Sulfur Zone".  It doesn't get any better than that. Just remember before you call in sick, the sulfur hatches this year have been at best unpredictable. A river without fishermen today probably means everyone is coming tomorrow. What I do know is that the river is full of fish. If there is a good  hatch you get see it for yourself.  Today I did.


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