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If you did well on the Delaware yesterday - - stay home today!

Posted on June 05 2018

After yesterday's great morning with the rainbows on the big river there was no question where I was going.  Mother Nature, however, had plans of her own, which were designed to give the 'bows a little help.  To start with it was in the 40's this morning and no self respecting bug was about to leave it's home in the relatively warm water and try to air dry it's wings 'til things warmed up.  Waited until 10:30 before heading for the river.  Found no cars in the lot and a lone angler at the Buckingham launch site.  That was good enough for me.  Pulled in and suited up.  There were no bugs on the water when I got there but within 20 minutes things started to happen.  Car doors slammed,  four anglers poured out and headed downstream past me, some sulfurs and gray fox started to hatch, the fish started to rise, the wind started to blow, it started to rain (hard) and the bugs and fish said forget it (so did I).

Was back at the camp at 11:45, making lunch.

When I saw five  boat trailers parked across the railroad tracks from the camp by 1:00, I knew that the BR would not be the place for me today.  Read my yesterdays report and headed up the BEB past Fish's Eddy, where there were no wade fishermen and only one boat (perhaps for a good reason).  There were no bugs or rising fish whatsoever! 

Drove up the UEB "just to see".  No one was fishing,  March Browns and Gray Fox were hatching (no Drakes yet) and being eaten by trout. Unfortunately ones with hooks in 'em (mine) were ignored.

Closed out the day on the Lower BK where the 52 degree temp stifled the  Green Drake spinner fall.

Headed home with my tail between my legs.


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