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If you didn't tie a wind knot today - - - you didn't fish!

Posted on June 14 2018

If there was ever a day in June not to fish, this was it.  In Florida they say, "Wind, what wind, we don't call it a wind 'til they give it a name".  Well I gave it several names today.  It was flat out unfishable.

Got into the BR early just as the wind started picking up.  There were splashy risers chasing Cornuta nymphs.  The Cornuta hatch is frustrating because the trout eat the nymphs and won't look up until the hatch is almost over.  Then you can catch fish, unless the wind is blowing over twenty, in which case you head back to camp.  Spent most of the day crossing items off the to-do list.

About 4:30 I headed up to the UEB where I was able to get behind a hill out of the worst of the wind.  It was fishable except that there were no bugs and of course no risers.  Stuck it out until 6:30 when I headed to the Sunoco station in East Branch for a piece of chicken.  Alas, the food trays were empty and I had to settle for a package of eight Oreo cookies.  The stop was not a total loss, however, as a check of the gas pumps (UEB fishermen know the lights attract the mayflies) revealed several brown drake duns clinging to the lee side. 

Knowing that the Brown Drakes were hatching at East Branch, I headed back up towards Harvard hoping to get into a Brown Drake hatch and a Green Drake spinner fall.  Got in line (4th in what soon became 7)  in one of the lesser pools.  By this time the wind had laid down. There were Green Drake nymph husks floating downstream and a few Drakes emerging.  Towards dark a few Coffin flies showed up.  Saw no Brown Drakes.

The fishing?  Have had a few very memorable nights on GD spinner falls and this - - was not one of them.  Got half a dozen refusals, hooked three fish and landed two one a 12 inch brown, the other an 18 inch brown that had a huge head, a long skinny body and was more than ready for the "no kill" section on that trout stream in the sky.

If you're fishing this weekend, look for the Cornutas in the mid morning hours on the BR.  Find something fun to do during the day and about 7:00 head up to the UEB.  There will be drakes (Green or Brown)  hatching or falling pretty much everywhere from the Sunoco station up to the Pleasant Valley campground.


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