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If you don't like to blind cast - go try the Salmon river.

Posted on October 12 2017

Saw that they dropped the release on the WB to about 500 and decided to give it a shot.  Stopped at the lower game lands about 3:00 (the lot was empty) and walked down.  DRC's report has been talking about cahills, isos, olives, hebes, and an assorted array of caddis. Today's report said the olives would be more concentrated due to the lower water and thus easier for the fish to find. I could barely contain my excitement.

Two hours later I had seen one "concentrated" olive that the fish had not yet found and not another bug of any kind.  Never saw a rise that wasn't to my fly.  How'd I do?  Rose five fish blind casting assorted attractor flies.  Four ate, one refused.  Two were small browns and two were nice rainbows. 

From the game lands I went to the BR and fished a run that has been kind to me this year.  Again, no bugs, no rises, not even any fish looking at an hours worth of blind casting.  Finally after the sun set, in a slow water pool, much farther downstream than I intended to walk I found some risers eating pseudo spinners and other little stuff too small to see.  Had about half an hour of  good dry fly fishing to feeding fish.  Hooked four, landed two and was refused by several more.  Two 17 inch rainbows tied for fish of the day.

The big attractions on the Delaware right now are solitude, wildlife sightings and the colors of fall.  There are fish that can be had on top but the hours are short and most of the big browns have something else on their mind.  If you are wondering what it's like to hook a big salmon, now is the time to give it a try. 


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