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If you get what you ask for, it's best not to complain.

Posted on October 07 2023

Well I got the rainy, drizzly day I been asking for and just maybe I've been asking for the wrong thing. There were almost no bugs or rising fish in any of the three places that I fished. Went out at 1:30 sure the water would be covered with olives. It wasn't. If I had decided that I would drive around until I saw rising fish, I'd probably still be driving.

The fishing - First stop was on the lower WB where, with the cut back in water, I could fish some places that aren't easily reached in higher water. In two hours of fishing I didn't see more than four or five rises other than to my offerings. Landed four fish between 11 and 12 inches and lost two good fish one a brown the other a rainbow. 

Next stop was on the BE where I found a pod of nice fish eating something subsurface. Got two of them to come and turn up their noses at my flies. Was working back up stream to where I could cross when a nice fish came up and slowly porpoised on my olive. Lifted expecting a solid hookup but there was nothing there. Checked the fly and one of the tail fibers was caught in the bend of the hook which is the surest way I know of to get a fish to refuse your fly.

The third stop was selected for me by a fireman who was directing traffic in downtown Hancock. There were lots of sirens and horn honking with people out in the street taking it all in. The fireman gave me one choice - south on 97. So, I headed for Lordville and fished the riff for the last 45 minutes of daylight. Again there were almost no bugs. Was refused by two fish and then got a nice 'bow to eat a straight downstream cast. Landed the fish, dried off my fly and a second fish ate it. Unfortunately he also came unstuck. The rainbow I landed was just over 18 inches and was fish of the day with lots of room to spare. There were probably times years ago when I might have been frustrated losing three good fish. I'm a tad mellower now. For what I had to work with, it turned out to be a good day on the river(s).

 With the cold weather in the forecast you can look for the pseudos to get cranked up again, (water was too warm today). Did see a massive spinner fall of the little buggers floating down the NY bank at Lordville and not a single fish was on 'em?   

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  • Ed Smith: October 07, 2023

    Angler119- Sounds like a difficult day. But the 18”er is a great fish any day. The rain has blown out some streams for a few days. Enjoy the weekend Ed

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