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If you think Hendrickson's won't hatch in 45 degree water - Think again!

Posted on May 01 2019

If you obsess about water temps and flows you can go nuts and (more importantly) end up in the wrong place (although for the right reason).  Today was one of those days.  Last year, I had a couple of good days on the Neversink.  There are no boats, the water has been warmer than the Delaware and it was at a marginally wadeable level.  All the right reasons to be in the wrong place.

By 4:00 I was back on the Beaverkill with a modest hatch of bugs and rising fish.  Water levels also let me get into the Big East where I found rising fish that were utterly unimpressed with my offerings.

How'd I do?  Not well.  Fish of the day was a nice 18 inch Rainbow.  Nothing else came close.

The fishing - You could - today - wade the Beaverkill and a number of people did.  By tomorrow there will be (if it doesn't rain) places where you can get into everything but the Big River.  You will not be able to reach many of the rising fish you see and you need to exercise care as a cold water dunking in these water levels is no laughing matter.

The bugs - They just can't wait any longer.  The water temps today were too cold for Hendricksons and they hatched.  There were Green Apple caddis on the Big East (and probably on the Big River)  with none of the sunshine that they love.

If the streams continue to drop this weekend will be crowded -but- if you want to fish the Hendricksons, you'd best come.  The boats have been concentrated on the West Branch and the Big River but even the Upper East and the Big East have been getting enough floaters to make the fish look at each bug with care.


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