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If you want to catch a bow, don't go too low.

Posted on September 01 2019

It's Sept 1st and the releases from all three reservoirs have been cut back, Cannonsville to 400, Pepacton to 133 and the Neversink to 100. Wallenpaupack is generating again so minimum flow targets are being met. If there is no substantial rain you can expect the Cannonsville flow to be substantially increased whenever Wallenpaupack is shut down. The other two releases are more likely to remain constant.

Drove down to the camp late this afternoon and saw fishermen everywhere. Looking off RT.17 through the trees at the Balls Eddy take out there appeared to be a lot of boat trailers. Labor Day Weekend has traditionally been a "Last Hurrah" time for many anglers and it seems to be holding true this year.

The fishing: Drove over the Lordville Bridge on my way up the PA side and saw no one in the riff. Kept going with the intention of looking at Stockport, Junction Pool and perhaps the gamelands on the WB. Thought about the trailers at Balls Eddy and the likelihood of wade anglers at both Stockport and Junction. Did a u-turn and went back to the Lordville Riff. It's the "home pool" and last year at this time it was full of rainbows. This year I don't believe I have caught ten fish there. I decided it was time to give it a chance at redemption. Got in the water about 6:30 and walked back into the camp at 7:50. Yes, it was dark when I quit. How'd I do? Saw one rise that wasn't to my fly and two that were. Both inhaled my fly. The first exhaled it at the top of a two foot jump out of the water. The second, a beautiful 18 inch 'bow took me into the backing twice before he was done. In short, there just aren't very many fish in the river as far down as Lordville, yet.

The riff/pool was full of shad fingerlings migrating out to the sea. They attacked my fly on every cast but couldn't get it in their mouths.


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