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If you want to see what a dry river bed looks like - - -

Posted on October 06 2016

With the entire river system at it's lowest flow level in years, now is a good time to get to know it better.  The big river, which is sometimes intimidating to anglers, will probably hit an all time low today.  The temps remain ok for the fish and you get a chance to learn where the main channels, deep pockets and fish holding structures are located.  The fish will be concentrated and may even be willing to eat a carefully presented fly.

The manner in which the flow was  dropped will no doubt adversely affect the insect population as some have limited ability to follow an abrupt reduction in stream flow.  The saving of water over a gradual step down is minimal compared to the loss of stream life but that has been NYC's manner of doing things and it apparently isn't going to change.

If you do plan on going, check the release at Stilesville as the flow will no doubt be bumped back up as soon as the Wallenpaupak draw down ceases.

It would sure be nice if Matthew wandered up here and gave us two or three inches of rain.


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