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If you're thinking of fishing the Delaware this week - - - Think again.

Posted on September 01 2015

They increased the release from Cannonsville last night by one hundred cfs, presumably to meet minimum flow at Montague.  The water beneath the thermocline has been depleted (in part because of the three weeks of 1,500 cfs during the drawdown).  This is causing the "gray water" lying above the thermocline to color  the WB. The water is a little warmer than under the thermocline but not a threat to the trout. Both the sulfur and olive hatches appear to be waning. There has been heavy fishing pressure (for August) on the West Branch and upper main stem.  The fish have been beaten up any are very hard to fool (at least on my dry flies). The Lower EB remains unfishable due to high water temps and absence of fish.

The main stem below Stockport has at times been fishable but the fish that were present in good numbers during the drawdown have either leftthe river or have gone to thermal refuges, leaving only a few fish populating most pools and riffs.The flow on the  upper EB will most likely be reduced at midnight tonight which will make an already difficult stream even harder.

The weather forecast for the next  8/10 days calls for no meaningful rain, bright sum and temps well above normal. If you are looking to take a last trip to the river wait for fall rains and cooler temps to reinvigorate the system.


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