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Posted on September 10 2021

With bright sun, high water and a stiff breeze it wasn't hard for me to pack up my dirty laundry, the last of the peaches and my bow and arrows and head for Lafayette at 1:00 this afternoon. The peaches don't keep well and by 4:15 we had them all canned.  One of my grandsons has a volley ball game tomorrow morning and Syracuse plays Rutgers at 2:00pm. Will probably dine out with Jean after the game. In the back of my mind was an afternoon departure on Sunday so I could get in another session with the WB olives. A check of my schedule, however, revealed that I have a hair cut scheduled for 10:30 Monday morning. Hopefully the rivers will have receded enough by Monday afternoon to give me lots of options.

If you are wade fishing the river system this weekend your best bet will be the WB.  I'm there all the time and under present conditions I wouldn't venture out until at least 3:00 if it's cloudy or 5:00 if it's sunny. Olives happen late. This time of year there are tricos in the morning, ants when you least expect them and some white flies on the BR just before dark. There is also strong evidence of good iso hatches on the BK. 

 Unfortunately the higher water levels have put something of a damper on the fishing as the fish are reluctant to come up for tricos or ants in the high water and both the BK and the BR are difficult to wade at present levels. While cloudy overcast days with a light drizzle  are ideal for olives we can certainly do without any more heavy rains hitting the system. Improved fall fishing will probably be dependent on a cut back in the releases and an absence of heavy rains.

UPDATE - The releases in both branches have been increased. Cannonsville release is now 1,000 cfs and Pepacton release is now 450 cfs. For the reasons set forth above, the increased flows are not likely to improve either wading or dry fly fishing conditions.

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  • Dennis: September 10, 2021

    A119 enjoy the weekend!!!! I fished the big river today. It was not that bad wadding. Not many bugs but I lost a fish on a iso emerger in a riff. The wind was the big problem!!
    Hopefully the water drops a little for fishing next week.

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