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In search of Cornuta

Posted on June 06 2015

Went out this morning in hopes of finding  Cornuta. They usually
appear sometime during the first 7/10 days of June.  Unlike other
olives they are happy to hatch (for reasons known only to themselves)
on bright sunny days.  They hatch in the morning, usually between
eight and eleven.

By 11:30  it was obvious that I was not going to find the Cornutas so
I spent from then until 3:00 fishing a riff in the lower WB. There
were no bugs hatching.  Saw no more than half a dozen rises that were
not to my fly. I rose 12 fish, hooked 7 and landed 4.  Lost the first
3 rainbows that I hooked trying to land them in the riff.  It's always
best to go to shore and get them into soft water if you want to land

In the evening after waiting out a good shower, I decided to test my
skills by fishing a stillwater pool on the upper EB. If it was a fight
they would have stopped it.There were sulfurs enough to get trout
rising (boiling subsurface takes of nymphs) and I had six or eight
fish well within casting range. In an hour and a half  I caught one 15
inch brown and got a nose bump from another. The upper EB at current
levels is a true test of your fishing skills.


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