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Is the fat lady getting ready to sing?

Posted on September 10 2018

Well, as of 8:30 Monday night it's not the disaster it might have been.  It has been relatively dry for the the past two weeks.  The current rain, while steady has not been the "gully washer" type.  A lot soaked into the ground. NYC has continued to release large amounts of water from the reservoirs.  This has created a void meant to cushion the effects of heavy rains during hurricane season.  If this was a one and done event we'd be back fishing within two or three days. But there is Florence waiting in the wings to make land fall  and it is predicted to probably come our way later in the week.

What does it all mean for Delaware River anglers?

It's hard to say.  The entire system is currently high and unwadeable.  If you enjoy floating it's an option.  The WB is sure to be very muddy from Oquaga down, at least tomorrow.  The BR at over 8,000 CFS will be muddy and too high to safely float except for experienced oarsmen.  The eastern half of the system offers the best hope for tolerable fishing during the next few days.  Before heading for the EB, however, I would suggest you read my posting of last Friday.

If you are thinking of throwing streamers (it is probably the best option) there won't be any new washovers and most of the fish in the river system know the name of every streamer in your box  (as well as who tied it and where you bought it).  You will get swirls behind the fly but probably few takes.

There are plenty of fish in the river and prior to the latest downpour there were good bugs on the WB and BR.  The fishing was good in places that could be reached in what was relatively high water.  As of today there is little likely hood of good fishing until the water subsides.  If Florence dumps more rain on the system that may not happen this season.


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