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It ain't over 'til it's over

Posted on October 20 2015

This is my third trip down to the fishing camp since my September 30th report. The other two were nothing to write home about - so I didn't..

The high, muddy and warm (yes, warm) water being released from Cannonsville has adversly affected the fishing.  So has the low, clear and until the last few days, warm water in the East Branch. Has all that changed?  No!. The WB is still high, dirty and warm. The EB half of the system is still low and clear but has cooled down.
The fall pseudos like cold water.  The trout like to eat them in the tailouts of slow moving pools. There is too much warm water in the WB for pseudo fishing.  Throw streamers and count the swirls trout make as they refuse your fly.

The EB and Beaverkill are getting close. There are fish in the big EB again even if there are no pseudos.  Saw a good number of fish eating black midges in an EB pool. Hooked three and then it stopped. Drove up to the Beaverkill where pseudo hatches are sometimes epic. They weren't.  But there was fly activity and there were fish feeding. Cast at rising fish for over two hours and hooked enough to put the closing of the camp on hold.

Don't book a week at a local lodge, but if you get the time come down when it's cold and the wind isn't howling, you should find uncrowded water and risers in the tailouts, mid afternoons.


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