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Posted on May 30 2019

If you ever are going to catch fish in the Delaware, now is the time. The water levels (as of 9:00 pm) are great and will, absent serious rain tonight, be even better tomorrow. The big river has yet to reflect today's cut backs in the releases from both reservoirs and should be wadeable tomorrow..

The fishing? In my over 30 years on the river I have never put together a better week of fishing, both in numbers caught and the size of the fish. It's not even close. Today I caught more and bigger fish on dries than I ever have in this river system. A 20 inch trout came in third in my "fish of the day" contest. Nuff said!

The Bugs: Based on my observations today the Hendricksons are finally winding down. The spinner fall dwarfed the meager hatch on the UB (never made it to the WB). On the plus side (and it's a BIG PLUS), there was good bug activity on the BE in Hancock when I stopped on my way back to camp about 8:00 pm. There were gray foxes, sulfurs and march browns on the water and fish actually rising. The Doldrums are over on the EB for sure and probably on the BK and BR as well.

Where do I plan to fish tomorrow? Assuming no major rainfall, I will be fishing either the BE or the BR. Why? The trout are relatively well rested and a good cast to a rising fish should get a look. The bugs are finally hatching and the fish will be on them. Who could ask for anything more?


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