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It just wasn't as good as yesterday.

Posted on April 30 2019

If you didn't give it serious thought, today and yesterday were pretty much the same.  Yes, the air and water temps started out a bit colder yesterday but the sun poked through the clouds enough to get the air temp up around 56 and the water temp to 48.  Today the air and water temps started out quite a bit warmer but peaked at 52 and 45.  I saw the sun through the clouds a few times but it never really warmed things up. You need bright sunshine to heat up the water - it didn't happen.  It rained a bit last night which didn't raise the flows much but kept them from dropping which would have opened up additional water for wade fishermen.

So how did that affect the fishing?

More than you would think.  Instead of starting at 1:30 the Paraleps began hatching about 2:45.  The Hendricksons that blanketed the water at 3:00 Monday were basically no shows on the same water today. By 4:30 there were lots of paraleps, a few Hendricksons, some olives and even some green apple caddis.  The fish that I fished to yesterday wanted no part of my flies today.  Risers I did find had been well schooled by fishermen in boats (fished to several risers around put-ins and take outs).
Had more refusals than takes and didn't get the skunk out of my waders until a nice 18 inch brown (the biggest, smallest and only fish of the day) gleefully engulfed my Hendrickson.

About yesterdays report-  I write these reports to provide useful (I hope) information  that helps fly-fishermen improve their fishing success. I'm not trying to fill rooms at a lodge or boats for guides. I just try to share what happened where I was fishing. 

Yesterday I lucked out.  I got to fish where I wanted, the bugs hatched, the wind wasn't blowing and I caught fish.  I got just a tad over enthused and said "Its on fire."  When I reread a post I try to edit mistakes and improve the product.  When I reread the "Its on fire." line, I pressed edit, xed out "Its on fire." and added  "and give it a shot before it rains again".

Unfortunately the Troutfitter page isn't picking up edits.  I trust they will get this fixed before you all find out how poorly I really write.

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  • chris pitts: May 01, 2019

    Your reports are great!! I go down or dont based on them and they haven’t failed me yet, my dry fishing skill on the other hand has lol . Best reports going for the deleware

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