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It just wasn't my day!

Posted on August 06 2019

Some days are diamonds, some are just the stones in my pile of topsoil. With the temp on the porch at 6:00 this morning 54 degrees, I had lots of time before heading up to the UE in search of tricos. Went outside and attacked the pile of topsoil. At 54 degrees its a little harder to work up a sweat. Was about to head back in to the camp and get ready to go fishing when my neighbor came out and joyfully announced that her car was ready to be picked up and could I please give her a ride. She has been without wheels for over a month, I fished yesterday.

After making sure her car started, I headed to the UE, it was 70 degrees when I got to East Branch and I never saw a waxwing, trico or a rise from there to Harvard. What I did see, however, were fishermen in the two best trico spots on the UE. If you need to know about the trico hatch on the UE, ask them. One has a red Ford pickup and the other drives a small black SUV with Jersey plates.

Drove back to camp and tied flies, ate lunch and put seed on the mornings topsoil distribution. At about 2:00 I left to try to find a sulfur hatch. Got a call in route from a TFR who had fished a "Real good sulfur hatch on the WB that had the big fish up from 11:00 until 1:30". Sat out a moderate shower in Deposit and then fished three places on the WB noted for afternoon sulfur hatches - there were no sulfurs, olives or rising fish.

With the magic hour of seven (one of the new sulfur hatch times) approaching the sky west of Deposit turned dark purple and the wind began to blow. I headed for the car just as two anglers were heading out to fish. Got in the car and drove back to Lordville. Looked at the radar and was glad I did. Dark green and yellow were at Stockport and headed towards Lordville along with a prediction of from 2 to 3 inches of rain.

I didn't get the names of the two guys who were wading out to fish (or a good description of their car for that matter) but if you want to know how the fishing was this evening on the WB they're the ones to ask.


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