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It was still a good month!

Posted on July 01 2016

After yesterday's bonanza I decided to return to the upper EB, but spend the day fishing places I hadn't visited this year (or at least since Hendrickson's).  Did chores in the morning, tied flies and left for the river around two.  Carried out my plan to perfection, visiting all new ( for this year) places.  Couldn't believe how much the multiflora roses have grown.  Probably poked a dozen new holes in my waders.  It was sunny and the sulfurs (where I was) hatched in modest numbers which the fish, for the most part, chose to ignore.  By seven o'clock I had landed two twelve inchers.

Not to worry the feeding bonanza was yet to come.  As soon as the sun goes behind the hills  - - - - -

Well it went behind the hills and the fish, where I was, began feeding on sulfur nymphs (just like yesterday) only the hatch never really got going and the spinners didn't show up until it was too dark to even see them without the aid of a flashlight.  I did hook and land another twelve incher and a couple of nice fish (a sixteen incher won "fish of the day".  But it was a far cry from yesterday.

A doe and her (surviving) fawn walked into the river not fifty feet from me with the intent to cross.  I blew at her and the doe looked at me, blew back, did a u-turn and went back where she came from with the fawn at her heels.  Saw  three eagles, an adult and two immature, all at different times. Also saw one fisherman who walked by me on his way home just before dark.


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