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It was the pulse!

Posted on July 01 2020

The lawn needed mowing, the trim painting project is on going and the weather forecast said 80% chance of rain.  When the sun burned through the fog and the lawn dried,  I mowed and painted. When the sulfurs come like they did yesterday you only need to fish seven 'till dark to have a good day.

Got done with the work  (forgot to mix new fly float and to tie more flies) and went out about 4:30. Got one of the two slots in the guard rail gap across from "Barking Dog" boat launch and fished for about an hour.  Saw four fish rise, three ate my fly, the other one said " No thanks".  Landed two of the three and was back to my four day average of two fish per afternoon. With  thunder booming and lightning flashing I was in no hurry to re-enter the fray.

After the storm went by I looked for a place to fish. Settled on a spot between Hale Eddy and Deposit where I've had both good and bad nights this year.  Waded in and promptly hooked a nice rising fish that came unstuck about a minute into the fight. It was but an omen of things to come. The bugs didn't come until just before dark and then in modest numbers.  The fish fed only occasionally and every cast picked up green algae.

Why?  It was "The Pulse",  a water release from Cannonsville  that is designed to keep the water temp below 75 degrees at the Lordville Bridge.  The pulse is released late in the day and travels under cover of darkness down to the BR where it arrives when it is most needed during the heat of the day.

The fishing - Began and ended with the "Pulse". It dropped the water temp in the WB and filled the water with debris that made it nearly impossible to fish.  It also shut down the bug hatch and sent the trout scurrying for warmer clothes.


  • Kip M Herner: July 02, 2020

    Pulsed again today. Was wondering why the water was so much swifter at the Men’s Club this evening compared to this morning.

  • Dennis molter: July 02, 2020

    I was looking at a Hardy rod yesterday at the shop in deposit it’s a 8ft 9in long. I know you fish with a 8 ft rod. Can you give me the pros and cons of a 8ft rod
    Thanks very much

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