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It was well worth the wait.

Posted on October 03 2021

With the water levels dropping and the grass growing I got up early Saturday and drove down to the fishing camp. Knew that I wouldn't be fishing as I had to mow the lawn and then wanted to watch Syracuse  play Florida State in football and North Florida (our grandaughter's team) play FGCU in women's volleyball.  The games were streamed back to back from 3:30 until almost 10:00. Both exciting, closely contested games but both SU and NF lost.

Today just had to be better. Spent the morning crossing things off the shut down list. (FYI I did get the screens put away and the storms put up during timeouts and half time of the SU game). The BK water level dropped below 500cfs during the night, and with cloudy overcast skies and a promise of light afternoon rain I was hopeful of some good olive action. Stopped at the BK first and with only a very few pseudos in sight, fished an iso emerger. Got half a dozen refusals, and hooked and lost three rainbows. Headed up river and when I found multiple cars (and fishermen) at every pool I wanted to fish, I just kept on going all the way over to the Willow.  Tried yet another new (for me) pool that looked great, but had no bugs hatching (it was still early) and no rising fish to be seen. Stopped at another pool to watch a fisherman who was surrounded by rising fish and decided to give it a try. It was slow at first but when the pseudos got going, so did the fish and they didn't seem to care if what they ate had a hook in it or not. It was simply grand.

Reeled it in at 6:15 and headed back towards camp but just couldn't drive past the BK while it was still light enough to fish. Got streamside and decided to cut off the 7x and put on 6x. During the process I saw a fish rise. Waded in the general direction of the rise and got a refusal then hooked two wild browns on blind casts (both 10/12 inchers), reeled it in and drove back to camp thinking maybe, just maybe I'll take my time with the camp closedown.  

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  • Dennis: October 04, 2021

    I was also on the beaver kill and had a night of refusals. They refused BWO, caddis and BWO emerger. At dark there was a caddis hatch but no fish rising. I talked with dave at the troutfitters about my problem with the trout hunter tippet as always he gave me a new reel of it and agreed the reel was bad.Best fly shop service around!!!!!!
    How was the deer hunting!! Slow for me. Only does so far bucks moving at night.

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