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It wasn't meant to be.

Posted on October 17 2017

Cool temp, negligible wind and bright sun (at this time of year with cool air temp, sun is a good thing) had me on one of the Beaverkill's two little "no-kill stretches.  (With well over 90% of the trout anglers "no-kill" why do the "meat fishermen"  get to strip the trout from the rest of the river?  But, I digress.

Found enough olives (mostly pseudos) to get the good fish up and sipping.  In the first hour of fishing I got a hook into five big fish.  Also cast to and was refused by several others.  Gone were the little guys that  occupied me on the UEB yesterday.

How'd I do?  Landed a 12 inch rainbow just before dark to keep the circling skunks out of my waders.  The five "good ones" all came unstuck, each in a different way, which I choose not to discuss.

With cool air temps the fly hatch is a two to five affair.  Gone are the 10 fish days.  You have fish to throw at but there are just not enough hours to hook (let alone land) many fish.

Camp shut down is progressing.


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