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Posted on August 19 2018

You don't have to be there to know.  The entire system is blown out and even without additional rain it will remain unfishable for the near future.


Both reservoirs are spilling hot water into the two branches.

Water is flowing into the reservoirs at a faster rate than it can be released, thus insuring that the warm water spill will continue to make the  branches both warm and dangerously high.

There is no place to wade safely.

Drift boating at these levels is unsafe for all but the most experienced oarsmen and then only in areas where water temps are not a threat to the fish and high water is not a threat to the boaters.

Find something else to do or better yet somewhere else to fish.  I'm still down in Tennessee and have enjoyed two terrific days of dry fly fishing on the South Holston.  It's a ten hour drive but the number of beautiful wild brown trout eating sulfurs is hard to believe.  If you come bring your sulfurs and olives.  Nascar's race at Bristol is over and there will be lots of empty hotel rooms. Best fishing is from 3:00 until 8:00.  An early morning start will put you on the river at the start of the fishing.


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