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Posted on July 24 2018

If you haven't noticed it's a little crazy down here.  It's rained (sometimes quite hard) on and off in Lordville for the past two days.  Humphries Brook is roaring.  The BK hit 4000 CFS today and all that orange/brown muddy water is roaring down the BE and the BR at levels up to 6000 CFS.

At 3:00 this afternoon the WB was at 550 CFS and dropping the UEB was at 240CFS and falling.  Strange or what?  Drove up the PA side on 191 just to check out the WB.  At the bridge in Hancock it was clear and very fishable.  Got on 17 heading for Deposit and hit rain about a mile up the road.  It rained like it never rained before until I got to the 17 rest area.  Then it stopped.  Drove into Deposit and looked at the river from the town bridge.  Half mud, half clear.  Went down to Norbord and looked what Oquaga was contributing (all mud). 

Did my daily u-turn and headed for the UEB.  Caught up with the rain at Fishes Eddy but by the time I got to East Branch the road was dry.  Drove up 30 checking for bugs and risers at every view point, NOTHING!  The rain has brought with it warm air.  The nights stay above 70 and the water is warm.  This screws up both the bugs and the fish.  Finally in a pool, way, way up I found rising fish. They are always there, seven inchers  sipping stuff the human eye cannot see.  But wait, those aren't little fish rising, those are big fish and quite a few of them. Got out in the water and for an hour and a half caught absolutely NOTHING.  The big fish were feeding and I have no idea on what, except that it was very, very, very small.  Threw everything I had at 'em , tipped my cap and drove away.

Hit a good showed at Shinhopple and intended to go back to the camp and lick my wounds.  The shower stopped at Harvard and I took it as a sign.  Stopped at a pool where I haven't seen a rise or caught fish since Hendricksons.  Never did see a fly on the water, but since I had no where else to go put on an olive and began blind casting.  It wasn't the first cast but for sure it was less than the tenth cast that landed right on the nose of an 18 inch brown who inhaled it and thus made my day. After that it was 8 to 11 inch fish that ate my fly.  All risers were one and done.  There just weren't any bugs.

If you are thinking of coming down.  Think again.  The UEB is all that is left and by morning that may be gone (predictions are for almost two inches of rain tomorrow), and even if it's not it's not very good right now


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