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It's all about the Dandelions!

Posted on April 17 2016

Thursday there were a few Hendricksons on the water. Friday there were more. Today, just the right amount - enough to get the fish going good but not so many that the fish couldn't see your fly.

There were heavy Hendrickson hatches below Long Eddy the last few days but very few fish up.  Apple caddis are already on the EB up to Fish"s Eddy,

with egg layers in Hancock.

Fishermen are hammering the "A" spots. There are fish everywhere. Go where no one else is fishing. The fish are more likely to eat your fly if they haven't already been stung by someone else's.  The fish are already Hendrickson shy in areas of heavy boat traffic.

If you are in a spot without bugs at 3:00 go somewhere else. Right now it's as good as it gets!  Enjoy

BTW- Didn't see a dandelion on Thursday or Friday. Today the front yards in Hancock were covered with them (so was my yard).


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