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Posted on April 01 2024

With a week of below average temperatures, rain, and snow in the forecast it's hard to be enthused about the fishing prospects. We came home early in part because the record breaking warmth of winter gave promise of an early start to the dry fly fishing. Turned out the joke's on me.

I've been able to get both the Lordville Estate and our home in Lafayette up and running and the winter detritus removed from both yards. There is a steady stream of migrating birds at our feeders and the blue birds are back in Lordville and in the process of deciding if they like the new house I put up or if they will use the slightly larger one they have nested in in prior years. It's spring for sure but the hoped for early start to the fishing season now seems to be just so much wishful thinking.

UPPING YOUR GAME - Finally finished the book which is a recap of the 2022 season. I have shamelessly included your comments in hopes of encouraging those who contributed to buy the book. If you have both Upping Your Game and A Season On The Delaware and use them to follow the progression of hatches on the river system you should at least be carrying the right flies when you head for the stream. 

 I stopped reading "how to" fishing books long ago when I discovered that there is often little or no correlation between writing ability and fish catching prowess. I have no allusions about my writing ability, but I have been blessed with the ability to catch fish. I've been writing the Angler 119 blog for ten years in hopes of making at least some of you more successful anglers. Everything I have put in the books, is intended to help you consistently catch fish on dry flies. 

The books have arrived at the Troutfitter and can be purchased there. If you aren't going to be in the area for a while, you can buy it direct from Amazon. If you want a book signed just leave it at either of the Troutfitter shops with instructions and I'll sign it when I stop by.



  • Watson: April 09, 2024

    Welcome back!

  • Dennis: April 02, 2024

    Hi Ed thanks for the well wishes!!! It would be great to meet up.
    Take care

  • Ed Smith: April 02, 2024

    Dennis- Sorry to read you needed a knee replacement. Glad to read your feeling fine and ready to go. Hope we can meet up on the upper Delaware this year. Ed

  • Dennis molter: April 02, 2024

    A119 I am happy the books are in!! When is the shop opening in deposit? I need to get new fly line and other items I need.
    I was hit with the Dave and A119 curse. I had a knee replacement in January but I am ready to go. I’ve read that post about the family curse many times and laugh like hell.
    I hope I don’t catch anything else at the fly shop!!!
    Until the weather warms golf is in the future!!
    Can’t wait to get the new book!!!🎣🏌🏿‍♂️

  • Ed Smith: April 01, 2024

    Happy April! The 75 degree temps are a distant memory . Hope for an early start to season have also been . Angler119- Looking forward to your new book. I’ll order from Dave and hope for an autographed copy. Let’s all pray for warmer weather. The bugs have to hatch eventually.

  • Jim N: April 01, 2024

    Can’t wait to get the book. Also can’t wait for either the weather or flows to open the door to fishing the Catskills! I guess I’ll stick with local NJ or PA fishing until then.

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