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It's good to be back home again.

Posted on September 28 2017

Back from the Florida Keys where three days of work in the hot and humid weather got things mostly cleaned up.  The damage is incredible to see.  We were very fortunate in only losing two appliances and a hot tub.  Our neighbors, one house away, lost their roof and the house ended up totaled.  Hard to believe that the mountains of debris and appliances will ever disappear from the sides of the road.

Returned to New York only to find temps higher than in the Keys (humidity was much lower here thank you).  Woke up this morning to much more seasonable temps and headed to the Delaware.  Found the lawn burned up by the hot dry weather, the WB high and brown, and the BD with white caps on the pools.

Drove up the UEB which is the best refuge on windy days but found little relief even there. What I did find was olives (perhaps reinvigorated by the cold air) and rising fish.  There were two cars parked between East Branch and Downsville.  I found an empty pool with olives, no cars and rising fish.  Hadn't been in the water 15 minutes when I heard a car door slam and sure enough a fisherman appeared. Waded up to within 60 feet of me and started casting.  I'm getting better, never said a word, waded out and left.  It wasn't hard to find another empty pool offering olives, rising fish and the wind.

The fishing?  Had bugs on the water and rising fish from two 'til seven. Caught three fish and was refused by over 30.  The fish of the day?  Well, I hooked one really good one who took off like a shot and ran about three feet before the line looped over the reel and the tippet popped.  The fish of the day was an 11 incher that kicked the skunk out of my waders about half an hour before dark.

I've said it before and will probably say it again,  The UEB is a tough place to catch fish.  They have dropped the release to 110 CFS.  Two people CANNOT fish the same pool at the same time and catch fish at that level!  If someone is fishing where you planned to fish - go somewhere else!  That said, my catch total would probably not have changed (only my blood pressure).


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