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Posted on March 21 2024

It's Wednesday night, a fire is going in the fire place, an empty Perfect Manhattan glass is washed and back up on the shelf, 30 shrimp netted from Zane Gray Creek ((did you know that Zane Gray (famous fly fisherman and writer of westerns) was a dentist and that his office is now a museum that you can visit on the Delaware River?)), have been consumed by Jean and me, prior to the three pieces of venison backstrap that traveled from home to Florida and back, an early spring snowstorm is raging outside and most importantly, we're glad to be back home again!

With that season opening sentence, Mrs. Haskins has no doubt thrown in the towel and disavowed all responsibility for my literary malfunctions. Run on sentences she could handle, but my never before attempted "double aside" was apparently beyond the pall. I sent her a "Go Duke" banner with apologies and hopefully she will cool off before the fishing heats up.

Our trip back home was uneventful. Started at 2:30 am Tuesday morning and got about a quarter mile up route #1 when Jean failed to respond to a question. Second question was, did you forget your hearing aids? At 2:37am we were back on the road and didn't stop (except to get gas and (well you know), until 7:45pm when we got a motel room in Winchester, Virginia. Traffic wasn't bad, there's just so many trucks on the road that it's work rather than fun to drive anymore. Arrived home at 12:00 noon, just before it started to snow. Spent the afternoon cleaning up for a mouse that not only got into the house but found my stash of Hershey's kisses, ate every last one (there are 330 in a bag and it was almost full ), and distributed aluminum foil, the little paper tag you use to open the kisses, and mouse turds in every room in the house.

We came back early because: there is no bone fishing in the keys,  this has been the warmest winter on record, I'm no longer going to the Bahamas bone fishing, and just maybe the increase in degree days due to the warm winter will result in the Hendrickson's nymphs maturing early. Jean's desire to see her sister, our daughter and grand daughter may also have  been a factor. If things start to pop I'll let you know (right after I've had a good day or two).

Finally finished "Upping Your Game" and it is now available on Amazon. Paper back copies are to be delivered to the Troutfitter in Deposit about April 1st. The e-copy remains the same price, (the cost of three flies),  but the paperback printing costs went up and I had to increase the price by $1.00, (to about the cost of half a dozen flies). I rake in the same amount no matter which book you buy, but Dave and Rick at the Troutfitter depend on you buying the paperback to make their fortune. More on the book later. 


  • John G: March 31, 2024

    Welcome back and congratulations on finishing your second book! I have been waiting all winter for it, and plan to read it while I wait for the Hendricksons to hatch.

  • Kirk Shisler: March 30, 2024

    Great to see you back in action Angler 119. Wonderful harbinger of spring and Catskills flyfishing adventures. As another gentleman noted above, next time you travel through Harrisonburg Virginia stop by and visit the fine folks at Mossy Creek Flyshop and take some time to chase large Browns and Rainbows in Mossy Creek. Also, we happen to have some excellent native brook trout fishing both east and west of Harrisonburg. Love your blog, many thanks.

  • John Kania : March 26, 2024

    Welcome back! Had mouse eat my candy stash at hunting camp last year.We evicted him. Can’t wait to read your book and stop by Troutfitters. Hopefully things will pop soon.

  • Ed Smith: March 26, 2024

    P.S. Thanks for the John Denver reference. Cool way to start 2024. Your blog does “ seem like a long lost friend”. Ed

  • Jorgen: March 25, 2024

    A very warm (no pun intended) welcome back, Angler 119. The long wait is almost over, and the best part of the year is about to begin. Looking forward to another season of your invaluable reports.

  • Jim Dygert: March 24, 2024

    Welcome back to the sunny confines of Central New York. Another fly fishing season is almost upon us and it wouldn’t be the same without your splendid wit and encouragement to see us through. Hopefully we will meet on the banks of the Delaware ,the Beaverkill or the Willow …now get tying!

  • Keith : March 24, 2024

    Welcome back! Your post is a welcome sign of Spring.

  • Greg Tarris: March 22, 2024

    Welcome back! Looking forward to a great season and your ever informative and sometimes amusing notes.

  • Dennis: March 21, 2024

    Welcome home A119. I am happy you finished the book and am looking forward to getting a signed copy!! Can’t wait for the weather to break and get on the west branch!!
    Looking forward to seeing you on the river
    Take care

  • Jack Mcdonald: March 21, 2024

    So glad to see your first prose of the year! Welcome home. I am amazed at your driving over 17 hours in one shot. If the trout fishing gets tiresome maybe a future in long haul trucking? Your stopover in Winchester Va reminded me of two things – my son at James Madison close by: go Dukes vs Wisconsin. And if you do that trip again a stopover in Harrisonburg Va to fish Mossy Creek (big browns) and Beaver Creek (big rainbows) might be of interest. Hope to see you out on the river again this year!

  • Ed Smith: March 21, 2024

    Angler 119. Welcome home . Hope you had a nice , relaxing winter. Looking forward to reading your new book and to the start of the fishing season. All My Best Ed

  • Jim N: March 21, 2024

    Welcome back A119!
    Excited to hear about the book!

    I was hoping to get up to the area earlier this year, but when the water temps were finally getting good, the rain wiped things out. Now everything is cold again. I know the season is close though.

    Hope to catch up in person again in the near future.

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