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It's hard to shoot the bow when the deer keep walking in front of the target.

Posted on August 31 2023

The unrelenting rains that have created high water conditions and restricted wading opportunities are reminiscent of 2018 and 2021. The eastern half of the system and the BR are once again blown out leaving the WB as the only viable fishing. Jean and I will be leaving early Thursday morning for Dayton Ohio to watch our granddaughter play in a three match tournament (her team won all three matches this past weekend out in Idaho). The lack of rising fish, absence of bugs and the high water will take my mind off the fishing and I will be looking forward to watching Logan play in person. We will be returning late Saturday with peach canning scheduled for Sunday. Hopefully by Monday there will be options for where to fish.

Had to chuckle a little bit in reading Jim D's question. I'm old, and while I may well have "lost my religion" years ago, my reference was to Jimmy Clanton's 1956 hit "Just a Dream". Even ED Smith our music expert who seldom, if ever, misses a musical reference may be too young to remember that one. Although, on second thought, Ed may have been the one to name Jimmy Clanton a couple years back as the singer of " Just a Dream" when I had guessed Ersel Hickey of "Blue Birds Over the Mountain" fame. You read it first here.

The fishing - Someone will have to help here. With 3/4's of the river blown out, bright sun, and wind, I felt the better use of my time was to do yard work, shoot my bow, take a drive with Jean, and sit with her and my Perfect Manhattan on the back porch and watch the deer. Never put on the waders. On our drive I did see a fisherman attempting to wade the BR at something in excess of 4500 cfs. At 4:30 there was no one in the Red Barn pool or any other pool from there down to the Men's Club. Scanned the Red Barn pool for five minutes with the binocs and never saw a bug or a rise. Bought six ears of delicious corn from Schaffer's farm stand, which we had with a steak and garden fresh tomatoes.

NOTE - While Jean was lunching with her Florida friend in Honesdale, I took the opportunity to write the first two paragraphs of this page (having read only the first three comments in yesterday's offering). Before doing the "Fishing" paragraph I checked the comments ( now 7) on yesterdays entry, laughed and decided to post the paragraphs as written this morning. Hope to be back on the river Monday. If anyone has something good to say about the fishing feel free to do so here.


  • James: September 02, 2023

    I love reading the reports. It helps me evaluate the 3 hour drive from Philadelphia.

  • Jack: September 01, 2023

    90,000 packed the football stadium in Nebraska to watch their women’s volleyball team play. Maybe that’s in angler’s 119 future?

  • Ed Smith: September 01, 2023

    Greg , glad to hear you saw bugs and landed a nice rainbow. I guess I was premature , based on my small sample size, that the sulphers were done. I guess I should have waited for the fat lady to sing.Hope you have continued success. Ed

  • Greg Tarris: September 01, 2023

    Was at the upper WB yesterday and as the clock stuck 12 the sulfur hatch started, albeit about 1/4 size of a few weeks ago. However found a pod of fish and caught a few small ones then figured there had to be at least one big one looking for something substantial to eat. Tied on an Iso and landed a 18 inch rainbow ( not easy to land lol). All bugs stopped at about 130-2PM- it was over.

    Five PM the hatch started again but this time was full blown hatch covering the water. Had a bunch of misses and even a few momentary hook ups but could not land even one on the size 20 emerge/ dun combo. This time the Iso did not work. -To reiterate, it ain’t over till it’s over! and it ain’t.

  • Ed Smith: September 01, 2023

    As Yogi said-“ it ain’t over till it’s over” Well I think the sulpher hatch at the red barn is over . No bugs= no risers= no fish. Like Dennis observed, saw no bugs all the way down to barking dog. Oh well , nothing lasts forever. Hit the UEB. Really good hatch of small olives, looked like smaller fish feeding on groups/ no sure didn’t catch any. Still another fun day on the river

  • Dennis : August 31, 2023

    This question is for my my wife’s info. Do you use Rye when you make your perfect Manhattan? My wife says it’s the best

  • Dennis: August 31, 2023

    Well I drove down-to deposit yesterday hoping to fish and I copied A119. I drove all over deposit looking for rising fish. I started at 1:30 and left to go home at 3. I saw 1 fish rise. I was able to get mowing done.
    Safe travels to Ohio. I hope they win!!!!

  • Ed Smith: August 31, 2023

    Angler119- Yes I definitely whiffed on the “Just a dream” reference which drops my batting average substantially.I try harder next time . Have a great time in Ohio. Nothing better than watching the grandkids play sports . I’m back at the red barn with my son in law for the last hurrah.. The Willow and BK are unfishable. Have a wonderful time . Ed

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