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It's just not coming easy.

Posted on August 23 2019

Often times I'm my own worst enemy. I have an aversion to doing the same thing over and over. Earlier in the week I stumbled upon a good mid day sulfur hatch that had good fish up and feeding and I was able to fool enough of them to make it my best day of the week. I didn't go back. Why? See the first sentence above.

I'm easily bored, need to explore, try new places, find rising trout around the next bend. Sometimes it pays off. This week - not so much. This morning I fished three pools on the UE between Harvard and East Branch that I hadn't visited this year (and probably won't again). Saw some tricos (not enough to get the fish up), no other fishermen, an eagle, three deer, and not a single rising fish. Caught a nice 18 inch brown on one of my first casts and never saw another fish. Took a moderately long walk to a pool that use to have several fish in it. The huge tree that created the pool has broken up and been swung into shore thus erasing the pool and making my walk yet another fool's errand. With the skunk out of his waders Angler 119 aka "one and done" retired to the comforts of the "Lordville Estate".

Emerged just as the sun was going behind the Hill and fished a pool on the BR that apparently no one else thought was worth a cast. For once this week I was right. There weren't many fish or bugs but between blind casting and casting to risers I was kept busy enough to make it an enjoyable night.

Right now the late evening fishing is the best thing going - if only someone could get the sun to go behind the hill and stop for a couple of hours we'd put some fish in the net for sure.


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