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Posted on August 15 2018

Drove down to the river for a look see.  It wasn't pretty.  Water above Oquaga was high, cold, comparatively clear, but unwadable.  Oquaga was still very high and muddy.  The entire WB was muddy brown from just below Oquaga to it's merger with the EB at junction pool.

Now for the bad news.

The UEB is very high with water that is, (because of the warm spill) over 70 degrees.  Even with no rain it will probably take a week or more to reduce the flow to a fishable level.  As the spill decreases the river will cool as they are maxing the release at 700 CFS. At present it is both too warm and too high to fish.

The EB and the BK are cooler than the UEB but are both high, very muddy and unfishable.

The Big River at 11,000 CFS is still orange/brown and unsafe to even float.

Without more rain there is a good chance Cannonsville can be kept from spilling.  With the maxed out flow at 1,500 CFS, wading will be very limited even when the tribs subside but there should be plenty of cold water which has, in the past, resulted in good bug hatches from Stilesville right down to junction.  This is your best bet for getting back in the water.  Wait for flows to recede to a level you are comfortable with, wade carefully, carry a wading staff and wear an inflatable life jacket.


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