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It's my party and I'll cry if I want to.

Posted on September 30 2023

The table was set. An all day drizzle was the featured guest. Ideal water level said he would come but only if all day drizzle kept his word to provide less than a quarter inch of rain. The bugs said they would come but only if Mr. Sun wasn't invited. The fish said if the bugs are coming count us in. All day drizzle started early to insure being on time but ran out of water about nine in the morning. When Mr. Sun saw that all day drizzle was out of water he crashed the party. When the bugs saw Mr. Sun they cancelled. When the bugs cancelled the fish went back to eating yearling trout. Thankfully, ideal water level showed up and let me cast my flies all afternoon and evening. He must have thought I needed the practice. A few fall fish showed up uninvited and ate my flies, either to be polite or they need glasses. 

The fishing was a bust. Only salvation was a nice 18 inch brown that rose while I was walking out. Waded over to him and he ate a little olive on the first cast. 

If there are any easy fish in the river system, I haven't found them this week. Heading home tomorrow with return dependent on what the trail cam reveals. Deer season opens Sunday (I think). 


  • Ed Smith: September 30, 2023

    Jim N and Dennis — Thanks for your condolences. Any contributions to the FBRSC are tax deductible and can be made to a Swiss bank account . The account # will be forwarded upon request. Ed

  • Jim N: September 30, 2023

    In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the Foundation of Broken Rod Sections Charity in Ed’s name.

    Sorry to hear of your loss Ed, but thank you for showing me new spots on the Willow and BK. It’s always great to spend time with more experienced anglers. I learn so much!!

  • Dennis: September 30, 2023

    Ed I am sorry to hear about the fly rod. Has to hurt!! Sounds like a good night on the water. Ed thanks for the info also. Condolences

  • Ed Smith: September 30, 2023

    Oh yeah, the fishing. In my sorrow I had forgotten about the fishing. Angler119 glad you caught a nice brown yesterday. Thursday activity was late-5:30 till dark on the Willow . 2 browns 12”and 13” on a #22 olive and a good tan caddis hatch around 6:30 and 3 fish, the last and biggest a 16” brown on a tan iris caddis. Ed

  • Ed Smith: September 30, 2023

    Angler119– Thanks for the Lesley Gore reference.—very cool. If my name was Judy it would definitely “my turn to cry”.Enjoyed fishing the Willow and BK on Thursday with Jim N. But I broke one of the golden rules—NEVER put your rod on the roof of your car” In 50+ years I may have done that a half dozen times. Thursday night was the 7th. Realized on Friday I had my reel, alas no rod. Drove back up to Roscoe to find my 30* years old Winston on the road and smashed beyond recognition. The wake and memorial service will be held in Mendham NJ. Details to follow.

  • Dennis: September 30, 2023

    I took a break yesterday and went bird hunting in the tug hill plateau area. We had a good day moving birds but not a shot fired. Great bird dog work. I’ll hopefully be on the river Monday. I fished till November last year.The Tree stand is calling me Sunday afternoon. I’ll be in a LADDER stand overlooking an oat food plot.
    Good luck A119

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