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Posted on July 10 2020

Had a party at the No Kill in Deposit with an old friend today.  We didn't plan it, we just ended up there at the same time. There were some no shows, early departures and some late arrivals. For starters the sun never made an appearance, neither did the usual Friday afternoon onslaught of fisherman (perhaps quelled by the flash flood watch).  Early departures included almost all of the fishermen and driftboaters who had staked out prime positions for the sulfur hatch by 11:00 this morning.  Late arrivals, Angler 119, his friend, the sulfurs and the feeding fish.

Started at 1:30 and spent a fruitless two hours on a long walk, saw no bugs or feeding fish. Drove down towards "Barking Dog " to assess the crowd and at about 3:30 there just wasn't any.  It was crowded earlier when I drove by but apparently the driftboats moved on downriver and the wade anglers went in search of where it was happening.  Know this; any empty pool in the No Kill this time of year is worth fishing, we did.

The fishing - There was a blue pontoon boat (guided ), my gray haired old friend and myself as far as the eye could see (in the fog).  Never saw another boat or fisherman from the time we started until the rain came down so hard we had to quit (8:00 pm).  When we started there were a few tiny olives and a few sulfurs.  There were also a few fish up feeding.  It was then that the late arrivals began showing up.  The sulfur hatch grew stronger and stronger as time went by, more fish began to feed, the rain started to come down harder and we started hooking fish.  Let there be no misconceptions here, there were refusals and ignores in abundance but bottom line, aided by the trouts blurred vision (caused by the rain) we hooked a lot of fish.

Believe it or not there is a fire going at the "Lordville Estate" tonight.  After days of 90 degree heat I had to start a fire to dry out my fly boxes, again. As is my usual practice, put my fly fishing vest on over my raincoat with the intention of reversing things if it starts to rain. At least once each year (sometimes more) the fish get going good, the rain comes down harder and before I know it there is no need to make the switch. Wouldn't have it any other way. 


  • Ed Smith: July 11, 2020

    Thanks again for your posts. They are always informative,entertaining and just plain fun to read. I mostly fish the Beaverkill and the Willow which are much to warm to fish now. Tried the Deposit no kill-Pasture Pool on Thursday..morning. There were rising fish until around 2 then things slowed down .Tried every sulpher emerges I had with little luck.Question – Is there a later afternoon sulpher hatch and do BWO mix in with the sulphers even on bright sunny days . Thanks Ed Smith

  • Dennis: July 11, 2020

    I found a blue pinnacle wading staff last night at the NYS parking lot by the red barn. If it’s yours please call 607-760 2116

  • Dick: July 11, 2020

    Regarding the rain coat… wisdom is supposed to come with age!!!

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