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Its not as bad as it was, nor as good as it will be.

Posted on May 03 2018

After four days home crossing items off my todo list, I drove back down to the camp in mid 80 degree sunshine.  The last three days have done wonders for the river system.  Water temps have been in the fifties on both the big river and the Big East (EB below jaws).  The grass on lawns has turned green.  One of the Red Buds in the back yard has turned pink.  There are Rose Breasted Grosbeaks at the feeder.

 And, yes, there are Hendricksons on the BR and the BEB.  I'm sure the're also hatching on the Beaverkill (warmest river in the system), but my arrival there coinsided with the arrival of one of the late afternoon showers and I couldn't see anything.  There was also a good rain shower in the upper East Branch valley and I didn't make the drive up rt. 31.

Stopped at the WB on the way down about 2:45 and there were paraleps hatching.  The hatch has been going on for about a week but I have yet to see a trout rise.  I left the WB shortly after three so there may well have been a hatch of Hendrickson's but the water is still having a hard time getting to 50 and at 2200 cfs, the WB is still dangerous to wade. .

Dandelions.  Long my indicator of when the Hendrickson's are hatching, are in full bloom on the south facing banks along Main St. in Hancock. Lest you hurt your back jumping for joy, I didn't see a single yellow Dandelion bloom anywhere else along the river.

Boats:  It started last weekend with a modest number (mostly "One Buggers").  In the short time I was away their presence on the river has reached mid July numbers (6-10 trailers at each takeout).  By this weekend, I expect that each and every takeout will be full to overflowing with trailers.

Wade Fishermen:  Last week I was one of the very few wade fishermen attempting to wade fish the DR system.  Today with water levels dropping there were waders venturing out every where but the BR.  Beware, the water is still cold and at current water levels the current is strong, wade carefully.

The weekend:  It is going to be crowded.  House bound anglers will all be here.  Unless we get hit with big T-boomers the water levels should be good for both wading and drifting.  Everyone needs to be courteous to everyone else!

My computer:  Left the cord home!  If  I cant buy or borrow one to keep the battery charged , you'll be on your own!   Have at 'em!

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  • Fishinfred: May 04, 2018

    Thanks for the update. I always enjoy your posts!

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