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It's not every day a wade fisherman low holes a guide.

Posted on May 20 2020

There will be no celebratory "perfect manhattan" tonight.

In order to have a successful day fishing everyone has to do their part.  The bugs have to hatch, the fish have to feed and you have to be in the right place at the right time.

Fished the UE (two stops) and one stop each on the BK, BE and the WB.  None of the places were at the right time.

The bugs?  Caddis hatched at one place on the UE. Caddis were both hatching and laying eggs on the WB. There were March Browns on the BE and nothing on the BK.  While none of the hatches qualified as even "fair", I've seen fish rise to less.

The fish just didn't seem to care. Flossed the one nice fish that ate my fly and was saved from the skunk by an 11 inch brown that came up out of three feet of heavy water to eat a blind cast in the WB.

On the other hand, I fished in complete solitude save for the West Branch Angler guide that I low holed on the UE.  There were no cars parked where I planned to fish and I walked downstream to the pool sure that I was the only fisherman within half a mile. Fished for half an hour before I heard a noise behind me. Turned around and there was a fisherman crossing the river.  Turned out I had walked in just below him.  He was very gracious about it and we ended up having an enjoyable chat.

It was the poorest fishing day of the year for me, but I did find solitude, fished beautiful places, met a very pleasant young guide and who says you can't drown your sorrows with that "perfect manhattan".     


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