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It's not my fault - I didn't know.

Posted on July 10 2019

One of the first things I do each morning is to check water flows and temps. It is an important step in deciding where I'm going to fish. This morning I knew where I was going to fish and never even turned on my PC. Went to one of my favorite morning places, it's a long walk but usually well worth it. This morning, not so much. There were no bugs and no risers. The water seemed colder (50) and higher (in the grass) than I expected. Got back to the camp and looked up the water flows - sure enough they had sent a thermal release down the WB. While thermal releases are good for the river they often stifel the days bug hatch (it usually doubles up the next day). If I'd only known, I could have saved a long walk and a lot of cast to fish that weren't eating.

In the evening I fished above Hale Eddy and had lots of bugs and rising fish in post thermal release water. The fish eating sulfur duns were hard to fool but when the spinners came - the advantage went to the angler.

Drift boaters vs anglers:

Had four boats go by me tonight. Two did so without adversely affecting my fishing. The other two did not. One came down river and attempted to row through the pod of fish I had been casting to for half an hour. "I saw you cast over there" the guide said, and I had. There were fish rising all around me but I knew where I wanted the boat to go and the guide never asked. He was apologetic and went where I asked but the boat, the oars and the wake put the fish down in a 360 degree circle around me.

The second boat came by so close to me that I almost hit someone in the boat with my backcast. The river is wide enough so that should not happen. If you are rowing a drift boat ask the wade fisherman where he wants you to go. Then go far enough in that direction so that you and your wake don't affect the person's fishing. "Watch your backcast" are words uttered by rude, lazy and inconsiderate drift boat operators.

If you wouldn't do it in waders, there is no excuse for doing it in a drift boat.


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