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It's not so much what's hatching (everything) but where.

Posted on June 04 2018

Went out on the BR about 10:30 looking for spinners and never found a one.  What I did find, however, were Green Drakes, Isonychia, Gray Fox and sulfurs in enough abundance to get the fish up and eating. It lasted until the sun burned through around 12:30. There is a large year class of two year old rainbows (now 13 to 15 inches) throughout the system and the BR appears to have its full share of them.

With the sun out the lawn was dry enough to mow so I got that out of the way, tied a few flies and left for the BE a little after five.  Have had very poor fishing in the BE all season and felt it deserved a prime time chance to redeem itself.  It sorta did.  There was little to no bug hatching activity until the sun got off the water and then not enough to get the fish up.  What  saved the day was the Green Drake spinner fall.  I had seen Green Drake nymph husks floating downstream but none were hatching where I was.  When the spinners came so did the fish.  There were more than I expected but still nothing like years past.  The fish population in the BE has been down for several years now and it is still a concern.

If you are fishing this week the Big River is the place to be.  A good mix of bugs, a good wading level and lots of fish.  Predicting boat traffic and overall fishing pressure is next to impossible but there appears to be fewer fishermen and boats on the BR than in recent years.  This of course can change by tomorrow morning.

If you want to fish the BE, try above Fishes Eddy and you will have a good chance of finding the drakes without an unreasonable number of fishermen. 


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