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It's now late July, back in the car at 9:11.

Posted on July 26 2017

The "Sulfur Zone" had more than its share of fishermen and boat traffic today.  Found myself wedged into a small area where there were three good fish eating sulfurs. The fish know the game and are fished to by someone every day. Got several open mouth refusals but never got a hook into any of the three good ones.

When the hatch waned about 5:00 I headed downstream.  The WB has cleared quite well and I hoped the increased flow and cooler temps would stimulate both fish and bugs.  There were little olives on the water along with a few of the usual suspects when I arrived.  Rose a few fish blind casting and had a few risers to cast to, then the sun came out.  In a matter of minutes the olives and fish both disappeared.

The sun didn't stay out for long as another cloud bank put out the lights for the rest of the day. But neither the olives nor the fish seemed eager to reappear.  As darkness descended (if that's what it does?) a few of the bigger bugs (Isos and Cahills) made token appearances.  The sulfurs were no shows and the olives never did do an encore.  The fish got going when the sulfur spinners hit the water but were more than happy to eat an olive or cahill if it happened by.

Enough of my flies found their way into fish's mouths in the last half hour to make the day a success.  A 19 inch wild brown beat out a 18 inch hatchery reared brown (don't think I've ever caught one this big in the WB before today) for fish of the day.

If you have cloud cover and good water flows get out of Dodge (Deposit) and fish to fish you have a reasonable chance to catch.


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