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It's September after all.

Posted on September 08 2017

Went home Thursday and enjoyed a night out with old friends.  Probably would have stayed home through the weekend except that the camp grass was too wet to mow all week and after nine days looked like a hay field.  Arrived at camp at ten thirty to a lawn still wet from an overnight rain. The weather forecast said showers starting at 12:30 so things didn't look good.  But the sun came out and dried the lawn and the rain held off until the mower was back in the garage at 1:30.

With the sky full of dark clouds and a steady rain coming down, I headed for the big river downstream from Camp. It rained steadily while I suited up and walked down to the river.  But as soon as I got in the water the rain stopped and the sun came out again.  The sun glinted off the wings of isos and olives of all sizes.  I fished for two hours with hatching bugs in the air at all times.  The fish?  Never made an appearance.

Sometimes you have to pull the plug even in the middle of a good hatch.  Had second thoughts as I drove into Hancock and the sky clouded over and it started to rain again.  Drove over thirty miles through intermittent showers before I found rising fish.  They were in the UEB sipping the seemingly ever present olives. Unfortunately for me there was another angler in their midst. Went downstream to the next pool and found some good fish eating the olives there too.

The daylight hours are shrinking rapidly now and the evening temps seem to shut things down earlier every day. With the air temp at 52 and the water temp in the 40's, the hatch shut down before dark and  I hobbled back to the car on two legs that felt like they had no feet.


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