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Posted on May 30 2020

Started the morning with a drive up the EB and UEB all the way to Downsville and over the mountain to Horton on the BK.  There were morning  hatching march browns and gray foxes on the UEB near Harvard (the trout were unimpressed) and a handful of both dragon fly and iso nymph husks on the BK rocks. 

Found myself in line at Burger King in Deposit at about 12:15 where after puzzling over the menu options to the frustration of the lady taking my order and the people in the two cars behind me, I panicked and ordered a #4, which turned out to be a cheese burger with bacon, assorted vegetables and condiments (all designed to spill out of the bun onto your shirt).  Don't know if I was surprised more by the price($9.97) or by the number of calories (2,483).

Following lunch I decided to get down to business. Walked out on the iron bridge in town and was amazed by the number of caddis hatching and  fish rising.  There was a high sided, clunky old drift boat anchored right in the sweet spot above the bridge with a masked guide and two anglers.  Surely they would be gone by the time I got in the river.  Arrived to find the boat still there but with the number of fish rising it didn't matter in the least. 

At first the fish were reluctant to even look at a caddis but as the hatch slowed their focus was more on the surface and they began to eat duns. About three (just as the "clunky old" drift boat was leaving) some may fly duns started to appear.  Thought they were olives at first but when the sun poked through the clouds you could see they were the small Hendricksons.  Put on one of my smallest ones and the fish ate it like a kid eats cotton candy at the state fair. At 5:00 the Hendrickson's, the fish and Angler119 all called it quits.

Tried the BE in the evening.  It's close to having something big happen but unfortunately tonight it was the dreaded black caddis. A frontal system with gusty winds and rain didn't help (neither did my over zealous hooking and poor casting).  The fish were up eating the black caddis and and had no problem letting my offerings float by. 


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