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It's summer time, summer time sum, sum summertime - -

Posted on July 01 2019

Had numerous items on Mondays "To do" list and didn't leave town 'til after one. Unloaded the perishables at camp and went for a drive around the river system. With the releases reduced to near normal levels and a hot sun shining down on the river it seems inevitable that by the end of the week the fishable portion of the Delaware river system will be reduced to the Upper East and the West Branch. Fortunately this more or less coincides with the end of the big bug season. Fortunate because if the same number of anglers that fished during "big bug season" tried to cram into the summer tailwater area we would be standing on one another's heads.

For the next few days there will be some morning fishing on the rest of the system and some "hour before dark" fishing will be available from time to time on the upper BR, but for the most part it's going to be like fishing Long Flat or Barking Dog. You get your space and fish to the fish that are in front of you. The fish look carefully at every fly and the DRC fish of the day pictures show river flow graphs and mayflies.

Drifters will (in reduced numbers) still be on the WB. Hopefully they will reflect on the wade fishermen free times they have had both this year and last and refrain from "excessive low holing".

Wade anglers need to respect one another's space, everyone is entitled to fish, but you are not entitled to croud or otherwise interfere with another angler's fishing if he happens to have gotten to your "spot" first. Go someplace else. Learn new water. Cast to fish that haven't learned to avoid your flies.

Above all, enjoy getting to spend time on the river. There aren't many places where you can cast to rising trout at two in the afternoon with temps pushing 90.



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