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It's summertime, summertime sum, sum summertime.

Posted on July 18 2017

The sulfur zone -
Hot sun and warm water from the tribs MAY have started the sulfurs early. There were bugs and fish going when I arrived at 1:30 and it was over at 3:45. The hatch was poor at best but the fish did get going for about 45 minutes. Make no mistake, the fish do not suffer fools.  Change flies often.  Never throw the same fly back at a fish that "missed it". If you put the fly over a fish, he saw it.  Wait 'til he rises again before going back to him.  Tippet is cheap, best to show him a different fly.

The dead period-

With the sulfurs over before four and a hot sun beating down, the dead period was dead. Did have a nice fish rise right in front of me. She took a couple of somethings but refused two different offerings from me. When she came up again it was to a size 20 olive which stuck in the corner of her mouth. She took me down through a riff before being netted.  It was the only fish I saw rise from 3:45 until after sunset.

The evening "hatch"-

 With the sulfurs early quit and the bright sun there was nothing to see except fishermen (there were lots of them in the sulfur zone today). Got tired of driving around so when (at 6:30) I pulled into an empty parking lot at junction pool I geared up and headed down to the riff above second heaven. I was just two hours too early. There were no bugs and no risers until the sun was but a distant memory. The fish did feed late and I hooked four, landing two. Got back to the car at 9:42 which is sure to be the latest until sometime next June.

  The evening fishing is good,  the "sulfur zone" fishing is difficult and today, at least, crowded. If you want to come down try to come on a cloudy day.  If you can come for two days fish early and late.  I plan on fishing early tomorrow, I'll let you know if it's worth your time.


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