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Its' that time again.

Posted on July 18 2020

Home recovering from a very enjoyable week on the river.  Somehow I'm never too hot to sleep after standing in 50 degree water for six hours.  Not so in Lafayette.

Fred Z. - Good to hear you're still a loyal reader.  I never have kept track of the miles.  I start from home with a full tank (down and back equals about 2/3's of a tank) and I always have to fill up once during the week.  Sometimes need to add a squirt, sometimes not.

Walter & Dennis = Couldn't begin to imagine the knots I could tie with a 20 foot leader.  I use Trouthunter's finesse 12 foot five x leader and tie on a 3 foot length of the Cortland 6 x fluorocarbon.

Steve - It's always crowded, especially during "big bug season" (April 20th to June 15th). It's crowded again when the sulfurs start up in the summer because all of the action is concentrated in the uppermost part of the West Branch.  In the fall when the water temps cool and the fish migrate back from their thermal refuges is probably the best time to come  if you seek solitude.

Ed S -  Glad you got into some nice fish.  I tie my own, what is an RS2?

Chris Z. - For those of you who don't know, Chris is our new hire and is in charge of technical questions that are deemed either beyond my grasp or are too important to wait for my weekend reply.  Thanks Chris, you nailed it!

Jim V. - I know of three places on the EB that have ropes.  Hopefully you left yours there for the rest of us old farts. Which pool was it anyway?  My guess on this one is not Erzel Hickey.  Perhaps the S pool?

Kip H. -  Congrats on your first one!  If you look closely and are on the stream, "When it's happening." you will start to see rises to throw at everywhere.  During sulfur season there are almost always rising fish from 11:00 am until after they turn out the lights.  Good luck.

TL W & Chris  - We are always open to suggestions,  advice and kind words.  Glad you've found us.


  • bwpImnaNfKZO: July 20, 2020


  • AtLiJCDyV: July 20, 2020


  • Chris Z: July 19, 2020

    Well I just quit, I don’t appreciate the sarcasm when I was trying to be helpful and make this blog a bit more participative since I enjoy it. I am done though….

  • JIM VAUGHAN: July 19, 2020

    In reply to where the “rope access” area on the East Branch I discussed, you are correct. Being a first year Delaware dry fly student, I have been using Paul Weamer’s guide to navigate. The access I used is not in the guide, but when I looked at his map, it is indeed the “S pool”. Also, I “thought” the rope was placed by one of the other anglers trying to “escape”, but I now realize, after your comment, that the rope we used was actually one permanently in place-still a great evening!

  • Ed Smith: July 19, 2020

    Regarding the RS2 I was able to copy this website address: Hope it works Ed Smith

  • Ed Smith: July 19, 2020

    The RS2 is a great pattern in sizes #18 to 24’s and in different body colors to imitate BWO’s, pseudos,sulphers etc. I think it a good emerger or dun imitation.It floats right in the surface.There are several good YouTube videos and on Charlie Craverns website. on how to tie it . Also a video by Rim Chung , who originated the pattern back in the 80’s out on believe in Colorado.Please let me know if you can find them . If not I’ll ask may granddaughters how the copy the web addresses.(Sorry I’m an old guy I’m happy I know how to use my iPhone). Enjoy It really is a wonderful pattern

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