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It's time to face facts.

Posted on September 25 2018

My decision to take a trip out to the San Juan is looking better every minute.

NYC has raised the release on the WB from 700 CFS to at least 1200 CFS (further step ups may well be coming).  Mother nature has also gotten into the act by dropping enough rain on the river system as of noon on Tuesday to make the entire system again unwadeable.  It will soon be too muddy to even be worth floating.

With rain expected to continue for the rest of the day and more on tap for tomorrow it's time to look elsewhere for your entertainment. There will be no wade fishing before my trip departure on Friday and given the current weather pattern there may be no wade fishing for the foreseeable future.

You have only to look back at the DRC blog's "catch of the day" pictures over the past couple of months to get a sense of the fishing.  This is not intended as anything negative about the DRC as they have top notch guides, there has just been too much water!  I haven't had a chance to total up my catch  but August and September are sure to be among the worst in the 28 years of my keeping records.

Hang your waders in a cool dry place and leave the olive box in your vest, maybe you'll get a chance at some pseudo sipping bows in October and November.


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