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It's time to put a thermometer in your vest.

Posted on June 24 2017

With  the warm nights and  daytime sunshine the areas of thermal concern all hit temps in the low 70s today.  While there may yet be periods of cooler temps and cloudy days when you can fish anywhere in the system, on most days the BK, BE (below confluence with the BK) and the big river below Stockport will be too warm to fish after early morning.  The trout will begin congregating at thermal refuges and should not be fished!

Both the UEB ( EB above the confluence with the BK to Downsville) and the entire WB are fine to fish as long as releases are not reduced. The big river section to Stockport should be checked for temp before fishing (especially in the evening).

It was good while it lasted but summer is here and the area where we can consistently fish without endangering the fish has shrunken to a "mere" 30 to 35 miles.  Not many rivers offer that much fishing water anytime.  Respect other anglers and the fish and enjoy that portion of the fishery that keeps on giving all summer.


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