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It's winding down.

Posted on August 28 2017

Monday is take care of business day and there were a lot of items on the list.  The only one I didn't get crossed off was an oil change on my car.  It's number one for next week.  Didn't leave home until 3:00 and it was 5:45 before I got into the water.

Fished a place on the UEB where I've been caught by thunderstorms twice this year (one with rain coat, one without).  The olives were hatching when I got there and I had plenty of fish to throw at but unlike last week, they wouldn't eat my fly.  In fact they wouldn't even look up.  Started with a small olive then went smaller, smallest with no acknowledgements that I was even there.

When the olives started to taper off I had landed two out of the three fish I had hooked.  Was reeling in to walk back upstream to the car when I saw a big red spinner on the water.  Put on a red spinner at about the same time the fish started looking up and got several to eat. The air was "crisp" and the spinner fall never amounted to much.  It was over in less than twenty minutes.  I was in the car with the heater turned on at 8:11.  It seems like only a couple of weeks ago that I got to Stockport at 8:30 and had to wait for the fish to get going.


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